Tom Week - Odd Parks


1/13/22 – Lazy Laundry Day

That’s pretty much it accomplishment-wise. I had to get up to walk Spencer a couple times last night and early this morning. I got back into bed about 7:30 and slept till 10:30. Never really found any energy after that.

1/14/22 – The Island

We are at the Sugar Mill Ruins Travel Park. Rather, we are just down the street from the Sugar Mill Ruins Travel Park in an area they call “The Island.” It has no sewer hook-ups, cable TV of WIFI, but it’s not bad for a last-minute reservation on a holiday weekend in central Florida.

Besides, we’re picking up 47 over-the-air channels on our antenna and only half of them are religious channels.

1/15/22 – New Neighbors

Unfortunately I was on a bike ride so I missed the new neighbors having to back into a nearly impossible spot. On top of that, the campground guy was trying to put him in a spot that isn’t a spot.

Then a pair of German tourists came and got placed in the appropriately-named “Space Zero.” It does have an electrical hookup, but no water, and right at the front door is a drainage ditch.

Now it’s dark and there is a giant fifth wheel trailer trying to find a place to fit where there is none. 

Oh, and the bike ride was great. Florida has some wonderful trails.

1/16/22 – No Tornadoes Here

Ft. Myers got hit hard. There’s snow in Georgia. Now comes the cold. So much for trivial weather.

The giant fifth wheel did manage to squeeze in to the tiny spot, but are parked backwards from what was intended. I think they’re moving to our spot when we leave tomorrow.

1/17/22 – Starke Again?

Yes, Starke again. This time though it’s on the way out. By this time next week we WILL be out of Florida.

1/18/22 – Microsoft As Usual

Today I finally gave in and updated Visual Studio on my laptop. How long has it been? The 2022 version is replacing the 2017 version. I knew it would take some time, but six hours from start to finish was excessive.