Tom Week - Oceanish

ocean view on street

8/17/23 – Fog? At the ocean?
Having lived so long in San Francisco, I find the fog comforting. It hasn’t quite reached here yet, buy Galilee has disappeared.

8/18/23 – Fire Failure
We are in one of those campgrounds where everyone feels the need to build a fire, but none of them know how to make a fire. There is a pall of smoke choking us all to death.

8/19/23 – The Laundry Cycle
Short but steep bike ride then some loads of laundry. Such excitement.

8/20/23 – Limbo, etc.
Waiting to hear about a movie role. Have been for some time now. I almost think rejection would be better than being stuck in limbo.

8/21/23 – Lessons Learned
I went for a rough bike ride today. Biggest mistake was having two greasy hot dogs before the ride. Then I went on a ride that Google Maps said was 350 feet of climbing. It was actually 750 feet. Turns out that Google number is the highest point compared to the lowest point, not the cumulative climb. Ah well.

8/22/23 – Naps and Stuff
Took some naps today. Yesterday put my blood sugar through the roof. Better today, but still high.

8/23/23 – Movie Update
Got contacted by the director. He was under the impression I had gotten all the info. He says he’s going to have a word with his staff.