Tom Week – Ocala to Pine Island

1/18/20 – Last Day in Ocala

We stayed here in Ocala for a week because I was hoping to get a Dr. appointment right away. Didn’t happen. So we had to just hang out in the land of malls for a while. A nice park, but not much for scenery at our spot.

1/19/20 – The Unpronouncable City

We are in Thonotosassa Florida. Even the people who live here disagree on how it’s pronounced. Today was hot, humid and occasionally rainy. Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees cooler. Winter winter go away.

1/20/20 – Suspect Neighbors

Drug dealers, Trump supporters, people living in school buses and a guy who switches the magnetic signs on his pickup truck a couple times a day. I love this place. The ducks are cool too.

1/21/20 – Go South Old Man

This is the furthest south we’ve been in Florida. This is what I picture when I think of Florida. Tiny shacks of businesses lining the road. Much funkiness. Too bad it’s so very cold.

1/22/20 – Pine Island

When people talk about not being able to find a campground in Florida, what they mean is the southern third of Florida. I just spent 90 minutes finding nothing that didn’t cost over $100 a day. Turned back north and found a $40 spot with WIFI and cable TV.

Called one park that wouldn’t let us in because we have three people. That’s a new one.


Author: Tom
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