Tom Week - Not Worcester

Virginia Beach

12/29/22 – Worcester
We’re back in Worcester for I don’t know how long. Lot’s of emotions and ghosts.

12/30/22 – Not Worcester
Mom and Dad’s old house proved unwalkable. Pat’s already tenuous balance was unable to navigate the steeply sloped floors. We are back to the motel life.

12/31/22 – Plans Redone
A month, four days, same thing. Plans are adjusted and everything works out OK. It would be harder if I hadn’t just spent time with the entire family.

Tonight I went to the bar that dad used to hang out at in the 50’s. It’s not the same anymore.

1/1/23 – New Year
Going to try real hard to be happier this year. Off to a slow start.

1/2/23 – Bethlehem
Bethlehem PA is one of those can’t get there from here kind of towns, unless you go to New York City first. The Talking Lady sent us down a variety of back roads to get us from Point Jervis to Bethlehem. Nice scenery, but tiring.

As I shopped at the Bethlehem Walmart I wondered, “What would Jesus buy?”

This is the best motel room yet, even though it’s pretty inexpensive. There is a full kitchen, including a dish washer.

1/3/23 – The Battlefield
We’re in Manassas VA where EVERYTHING has the word battlefield in its title. It was 68 degrees here today. 

1/4/23 – Virginia Beach
I booked us into the wrong hotel. There are so many with ocean in the name that it’s easy to get confused. We’re here for four nights waiting for packages to catch up.