Tom Week - Not The Engine

ocean view

11/16/23 – Good News
The RV's engine is toast. Only half is working properly. Why is this good news? Because now I know what's wrong and that there is a path to getting it fixed. It will be in the shop for some days, but until then we'll be in an oceanfront hotel room with free WIFI.

Life's not so bad.

Oh yeah, the engine is still under warranty.

11/17/23 – Ocean View
We’re on the ground floor overlooking the pool which overlooks the ocean. The people at the repair place were all nice and asked good questions. The guy at the desk says the warranty will cover everything. I liked him best.

11/18/23 – Nice Down Day
Did some shopping. Took a nap. Went out and got seafood. Tomorrow, it’s back to work. Maybe. Maybe not.

11/19/23 – Programming Day
Spent a whole lot of time today working on a computer program. Accomplished almost nothing. That’s how it goes some days.

Tonya and I went to Nathan’s for lunch, but it was closed, so we went to Arby’s. Our last few trips to Arby’s haven’t been good, but today was. The roast beef tasted fresh. Weird.

11/20/23 – Waiting
Waited all day to here about the RV. 

11/21/23 – Pajama Day
I didn’t put real clothes on till 6PM when I had to go down the hall to buy some sodas.

11/22/23 – End Of The Tunnel
They solved it! The RV will be fixed. It's expensive, but it will be fixed. Now we just have to wait for the parts to come in. Should be ready to go in a week.