Tom Week - Not Texas

Hi Jolly monument

3/7/24 – New Mexico
We are in Deming New Mexico. Plans keep changing. It’s become cold and windy. There is a band in the rec. room here at the park. They are a Willie Nelson cover band, but tonight they’re doing a Toby Keith tribute.

3/8/24 – Benson, AZ
Yes, just like in the song! I thought we’d be in Tucson tonight, but all the parks in Tucson are full for the weekend, so we stopped here. Once again we drove right by “The Thing.” The billboards are gonna be pissed.

3/9/24 – Gila Bend
That’s the river, not the monster. 

3/10/24 – Quartzsite
The RV capital of the west. January is the month to be here, but there are still hangers-on trying to avoid reality for as long as they can. The big attraction is a free-for-all flea market. There are still some booths and tables operating on Main Street. It’s tacky, but it’s a bottom-up kind of tacky rather than the top-down tacky of over-developed tourist towns.

3/11/24 – Silly Al’s
Apparently this is THE place to eat in Quartzsite on a Monday night. Took an hour for my takeout food to be ready, but ti was very good. There were two big TVs. One was showing the rodeo. The other had NASCAR. 

3/12/24 – General Patton’s Wind
Heading west into California on I-10 you climb up to the Chiriaco summit, the home of the General Patton museum. The bad part is that’s where the wind begins. By the time you get down by Palm Springs it’s terrible. That’s why this is the land of the giant windmills.

3/13/23 – Blood Mutiny
Woke up this morning feeling unwell. My blood sugar was through the roof. I can’t think of anything I did or ate last night that would cause this. I was fine again by afternoon, but was worn out from the changes. I feel like I wasted a day.


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