Tom Week - New Yorkie

new york rv park

3/30/23 – Cold Day
Too cold to work on the RV today. Hey, if the day’s high starts with a number less than 4, I’m not participating. 

3/31/23 – Mouse Trail
Today Pat found two major mouse hangouts. One in the stove, the other in the remains of rolls of toilet paper. There are no fresh indications of mice, so we probably left them behind at the repair place.

4/1/23 – April Fools’ Day
More cleaning in the RV. All the beds are back together. It’s close.

4/2/23 – Last Minute Prep
More cleaning and packing today. The RV door is now mostly mold free. Reservations are made. Tomorrow is the day.

4/3/23 – Water Works
We’re on the road again. Yay! Unfortunately, when I hooked up the water it came pouring out underneath the RV. After digging around I found a connector that broke. Not a difficult fix if I had the part, which I don’t. 

4/4/23 – The Pluming Is Fixed?
I think I got it fixed. I’ll check for leaks and tighten the clamps in a couple days. 

The weather was SO nice today. I love surprise good weather.

4/5/23 - New Yorkie
We made it to New York without any motor problems. Hopefully I will soon stop worry about it. I slept last night but I’m very tired today. We’re deep in the woods so it will be quiet tonight.