Tom Week - New York Passing

horse statue

5/19/22 – In The Heights

The rain let up today and we got to see more of the neighbors. One couple has cats and the big family has a big dog. It’s a Great Dane that has a Dalmation’s coloring. Spencer wanted nothing to do with it.

5/20/22 – Long Drive

It took two attempts to find a park that didn’t make us all sick. We are near Rochester New York. The people next door have barky dogs and don’t know how to handle them. The people on the other side are supposed to be hooked up to the 50 amp, but they’re in the 30 amp. We’re stuck with the 20 amp till I can buy an adapter. Maybe tomorrow.

5/21/22 – Tether Ball

Hot and humid here on the underbelly of Lake Ontario. A while ago some people tried playing tether ball. Lasted about five minutes. Too hot. I tried playing tether ball with Tonya once. She didn’t enjoy it.

5/22/22 – Lost Park

I had hoped to stay at an RV park down in the valley between two New York Mountain ranges. The GPS coordinates sent us to a tiny dead-end dirt road. I did a search on Google Maps and that sent us to an empty plowed field. Ah well. There are other parks.

5/23/22 – Wormtown Revisited

The long cross-country trip is over. Now the rebuilding begins. Medical appointments, seeing friends, fixing the RV; All the usual dry dock stuff. Ann’s already put me to work.

5/24/22 – Settling In

I’m going to need one of those routine things. Twice I grabbed my phone to plan our next stop and/or gas stop, only to realize that it wasn’t needed. Also, with Ann’s fast Wifi I finished downloading stuff in about a tenth of my normal time. I’m going to need a hobby or a job or something.

5/25/22 – Implements Of Destruction

More helping Ann pack for the weekend antique show. The trailer and truck are full.