Tom Week - New Year Y'all

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12/28/23 – Resolutions Ho!
In preparation for the new year I’ve started working on my resolutions. The first is to get more acting gigs. I’m trolling more casting sites and have already found some possible gigs.

Next, I want to ride my bike more. That depends on health and weather though.

12/29/23 – Mapless
Is that a word? My point is that I was able to get to the new campground with having to use GPS. We’ve been here before. We’ll be here again. Perry Florida isn’t really a place to go. It’s a place to stop on the way somewhere. Only, right now, we really don’t know where we’re going.

12/30/23 – Dogs
I met the neighbor’s dog today. It sniffed me then had me scratch its butt. I haven’t met the owner.

12/31/23 – Horseshoes
There is a certain expectation when people play horseshoes. However, today we watched a family play horseshoes who had apparently never seen anyone play horseshoes before. They started by throwing overhand. Then one of the boys started throwing side-arm. Neither of these methods proved successful. It took several hours for them to discover the proper throwing method.

1/1/24 – New Year 
To start the new year off we’re back in Starke. We’ve spent more time here than any other park. Tomorrow I should hear about I part in a commercial that I’m up for. 

Our neighbor across the road has a bunch of Christmas decorations, but he also still has his Halloween decorations up.

1/2/24 – Enough Already
I’m slowly getting better. I felt great this morning. Then I had one of the worst asthma attacks ever. Can’t figure this out.

1/3/24 – Almost
It was almost warm enough, and I had almost enough energy to ride my bike today. But, I didn’t. Soon. Tomorrow we head south where it’s warmer.