Tom Week - New Yawk


7/20/23 – Then There Were Three
I was up for four different movie roles. I found out today that I did not get the part of the man who hates his son. I’m still in the running, as far as I know, for a grave robber, an out-of-touch priest and the seller of a cursed hearse.

7/21/23 – Vroom
It’s going to be a nice weekend so it was a little hard to find a campground with space. I did find one, but in the reviews there were complaints about the noise from the car race track across the street. What, race track, across the street, I’m in!

Also, it has an ice cream shop. The campground, not the race track.

7/22/23 – Real Phone Booths
The town of Caledonia New York has a real working phone booth. Caledonia is what the Roman’s called Scotland. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the phone booth, but there it is.

7/23/23 – Waving
The people here are finally starting to wave back at Pat. Apparently in New York waving isn’t the norm.

The races last night were fun, but I sat near a guy with a mullet and a goatee who had to tell everyone sitting around him about every car race he’d ever been too. I did have a good conversation with the guy next me about gear ratios on quarter midgets.

7/24/23 – The Glen
Never been to Watkins Glen before. We’re in a city-run RV park that had working cable TV. People are friendlier here. The waving has begun.

7/25/23 – Villages
On my ten mile bike ride today I went through four towns. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Went to get a hot dog at the world’s smallest diner, but it was closed.

7/26/23 – I luv ya campa!
Finally made it to the land of the New York accent. Today I shopped at Price Chopper.