Tom Week – New Orleans and more


New Orleans! We are two buses away from the French Quarter. Sightseeing tomorrow. Rode the folding bike to the car rental place through very poor neighborhoods full of very friendly people.

The ride here was beautiful. Most of the way we were right on the gulf. Then the roads went bad and we switched to the highway.


New Orleans is San Francisco. The similarities are overwhelming, in the worst possible ways. The disparity of wealth is sad. I can definitely do without the drunken tourists stumbling in the street in the middle of the day. The souls of the writers I came here to find have been gentrified out of existence.

It’s not all bad. Yelp came through and sent us to a little hole of a restaurant in Da East. Great food and wonderful people to talk to.


So I’ve been doing more research on New Orleans and am finding hints of greatness. The trick is to escape the tourist funnel. On the other hand, maybe I just need to get over myself and do the full-on tourist thing.


Did taxes today. My first time in years. Pat’s done them herself for years but this I figured why should she have all the fun?

Then I gave the French Quarter another shot. I went with the idea of visiting Truman Capote’s old haunts but wound up just following the music. Wound up in two different bars with great bands.

I was also celebrating. My Twitter followers topped 1000 today.


Counting to four isn’t always as easy as it seems. At 12:30 today I got a call from the RV park office asking me why we hadn’t left yet. I thought we were going to leave on the third, but when I counted the nights four was today. So we had to pack up quick and make way for the newcomers.

Tonight we’re just east of Baton Rouge. The strangest part was that none of got upset. We wound up sitting in a WalMart parking lot laughing about it.


On my bike ride today a random nail trashed my back tire. It didn’t make it through the inner tread or tube so I was able to limp back to the RV. However the outer tire is all torn up and will need replacement. Sad.


After spending so much time heading east I’m having trouble remembering to go west. I wound up crossing the Mississippi River three times.

Then we got to Lafayette and wanted to stop at WalMart. After much confusion we would up a WalMart that had closed less than a week ago. So we went across town to the other WalMart. That one was still open. However, while we were sitting in the parking lot there was a big lightning strike and the power was knocked out for the whole area. We wound up at Super 1 Foods. Prices weren’t bad.


nail in tire
Amazingly I made it the four miles back to the RV with this in my tire.
The RV hit 12,000 miles today.
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