Tom Week – New Hampshire and Maine

8/16/19 – Lee New Hampshire

We are in Lee New Hampshire. The home of Lee USA Speedway. A track I’ve not been to before. I rode my bike over, just under three miles. Coming home after the race was fun. After about 50 yards of highway I turned on to the back roads and not one car passed me from either direction the whole rest of the trip.

The racing was great. A wide variety of cars with some very fast racing. As usual the sportsman race had the most yellow flags. Those are the almost pro racers who usually have more attitude than even the real pro racers. Half the cars crashed out of that one.

So much fun.

8/17/19 – The Quiet Woods

A day of very little action. Got some writing and computer chores done. Maybe tomorrow I can venture into the physical world.

8/18/19 – Saco

We came up route 1 from the New Hampshire border. Some people have too much money. The further north we got, the less yuppie it got. The Biddeford WalMart lived up to all expectations.

We are now in Saco Maine, just one mile south of the world famous full-size chocolate moose. A must see for fans of the butter cows.

Walking up to the office to check in a chipmunk ran across the path. A nearby boy yelled, “Dad, chipskunk!”

8/19/19 – OO Beach

Took a bike ride on the Eastern Trail. Nice and flat but unpaved. Took the road to the beach. Thick fog prevented any view of the ocean but Old Orchard Beach was way funky.

8/20/19 – Freeport

Today we saw Lenny the life-size chocolate moose. Things like this are the reason we roam.

Pat and I nearly had heart attacks when we got to the new RV park. That park is way out in the woods but as we arrived we discovered that they’ve cleared this huge area. The spaces are in the middle of a field. It’s 90 degrees out.

So we go to our assigned spot in the field only to find it occupied by another RV. Back in the office the woman apologized, she read the wrong line on the incoming list. She gave us a different space which was in the woods on the other side of the field. Hurray!

8/21/19 – Rain

Wonderful lazy day. Didn’t get up till eleven. Took a nap at three. Got a surprising amount of work done towards the job hunt.


sewer pipe in New Hampshire
The most complicated sewer hookup ever!
Gary the caterpillar helped me with the hoses.
old orchard beach
Rides in the fog. The ocean was hidden by the fog.
chocolate moose
Another national treasure observed. Lenny the life-sized chocolate moose.
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