Tom Week - New Englanding

covered bridge

8/3/23 – Still Dark
We drove 130 miles today, but we could be in a different spot in the same campground as before. There are gangs of kids zooming about on bikes, an armada of golf carts and real country dark.

Though we have a much better cell phone signal here.

8/4/23 – Busy Busy Busy
Raining most of the day, so I actually got work done. Made a Dr. appointment. Made campground reservations through the middle of the month. Most importantly, arranged for tickets for the premiere of MATTRESS EXPRESS at the Rhode Island International Film Festival! I get to see myself up on the big screen.

8/5/23 – Two Bridges
Today’s bike ride took me across two covered bridges. So cool. 

8/6/23 – Three States
Started in New Hampshire, through Vermont, into Massachusetts. 

Vermont-only moment; three guys in a pickup truck pull up next to us, radio blaring Mumford and Sons.

8/7/23 – Four Quarters
While waiting for the laundry to get done, I wandered into the arcade area and tried my hand at a racing game. I’m usually pretty good at these. No, I finished last. Not even close. I’m either getting old, or perhaps, I have transcended the banality of video games. Yeah, I’m guessing it’s the old part.

8/8/23 – Broken WalMart
I was at a WalMart in CT and all the self checkout lanes were down. We all had to go to the regular checkout lanes. It went much faster.

8/9/23 – When GPS Goes Bad
On my ride today I stopped and checked my mileage. 7.25 miles. I road for what seemed like a couple miles, but the GPS said it was 8.1 miles total. I turned for home and after several miles I checked again. It still said 8.1 miles. I reset the ride tracker and it took seven mile to get home. Figuring out the missing mileage with Google Maps, it turns out I did 24 miles. Fun.