Tom Week – New Dog

New Dog

Yesterday Pat was doing her daily look through dogs on Pet Finder. Sometimes she calls me over to look at a dog. None so far had interested me. One look at today’s and I knew she was our new dog. We called, visited the rescue, and came home with her. It took about two hours total.

She’s a black cocker between 8 and 12 years old. I’m thinking 11 or 12. Her combined semi-official name is Abigal Luisa. We are calling her Abbie. She’s a bit cautious but is getting comfortable, having staked out a spot on the couch. Rex is acting cool but he likes the company.

Getting Gone

Things keep falling into place for the move. Today we got rid of the biggest of the paintings. It’s been sitting over the TV for 19 years. Now it’s gone. Gone to a very nice man. The empty space is at once disorienting and encouraging.

Took a big load to Goodwill today. Will probably have another tomorrow. Also tomorrow is the final round of inspections. Should be good to go after this.

The gang stopped by

Today was inspection day. One for bugs and stuff, the other to estimate the cost of fixes. Then there was the couple offering to buy the house. Rex was in heaven. We found out the bank is having trouble appraising the value of the house because it is so unique. We’re supposed to get answers next week. We’re not too worried though, we now have two potential buyers waiting in the wings.

Tough School

Today I learned about JavaScript classes and subclasses. The subclasses took me a while to get the hang of, but in the end it turns out I was just over-thinking things.

Car Recalled

I had to take the car in to get the passenger side airbag replaced. Now if we crash Pat won’t die a bloody mess.

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