Tom Week - New Bike


3/31/22 – New Bike

I went to a used bike store today. I saw a couple pretty good bikes on their website so I went to take a look. While there I found that they also sell new bikes, and fell in love with one of them. It’s a Retrospec Atlas. I call him Charlie.

Pat and Tonya had appointments with Dr. Lucas today. She brought her dog so Spencer got to hang out too.

4/1/22 – Oh My Garlic!

Back in Gilroy. We can’t not go to Gilroy. The WalMart where I know where everything is. The Habit Burger with the fresh bread. The nice flat streets where I can rife my new bike.

4/2/22 – First Ride

The first ride on the new bike went well. Many things to adjust, but no problems. The gearing if very different and will take some getting used to, but it is GREAT at climbing hills.

4/3/22 – Second Ride

All the adjustments worked out. Next step is to add the rack and lights and stuff I salvaged from the old bike. Then, STICKERS. This bike needs stickers.

Spencer has a new friend. A cat that lives in an RV out by the road. They almost played yesterday. Today they sniffed each other, then both turned and walked away. True love.

4/4/22 – Not A Novel

I was reviewing scenes from my novel and I’ve realized that it’s not a novel. It’s going to be a long short story. The more I trim the filler, the more I like it. I know it shouldn’t matter what form the story takes. It will be what it is. 

4/5/22 – Chester And Rachel

We went to visit our common law son and daughter-in-law. They have a nice little condo overlooking the pool and a yard full of cats. Spencer was freaking out though. We tried putting him on the balcony, but her hated that more. Had to sit with him in car to calm him down.

4/6/22 – Errand Day

Picked up Dad’s lottery tickets. Shipped my stool sample to Cologuard. Picked up my prescriptions at Walgreens. Got a hair cut. Did two loads of laundry. Went for a bike ride. Was so busy I missed family game night again!