Tom Week - Myrtling

police on the beach

11/30/23 – One More Week
I keep telling myself that. I will believe. Someday the RV parts will arrive and we will venture forward again. Think positive.

12/1/23 – It’s December
Got a bunch of programming done today. I must say though, computer programming is not nearly as emotionally satisfying as fiction writing. 

12/2/23 – Erranding
Vitamin Shoppe, WalMart then laundromat.

Found out today that my most downloaded computer program was made not needed by a software update.

Went to see a comedy karaoke show last night. It was wonderfully terrible. Everyone involved had a good time.

12/3/23 – Bead Hunt
Last week yarn. This week seed beads. If it wasn’t for Pat’s crafting I’d never get out of the hotel room. Maybe I’ll hide her needles so we have an excuse to go out tomorrow.

12/4/23 – Outlet Malls
The local outlet malls are horribly designed. They require much walking and only pretend cheap prices. The clerk at one store told me that the non-outlet store at the downtown mall had cheaper prices.

If you visit The Gay Dolphin wear a nose clip. The scented candles are sickening.

12/5/23 – Bad Docs
Working on a computer program, trying to lean to do GUIs on GO. The documentation is SOOO BAAAAD. I did finally get it to do what I wanted it to do, but with all the hoops needed, I got tired of jumping. This will not become a habit.

12/6/23 – Tiny Needles
Some days you have to go to Walmart and buy tiny needles. Today was just such a day.