Tom Week - Myrtle Beach


4/20/23 – Relaxing Day
Today’s bike ride had no wind or hills so I managed ten miles, and once again wound up on a part of the East Coast Greenway. After that, since it was near 90 again, Tonya and I went and floated in the pool for a while. We’ll be staying in Myrtle Beach for a week, so I’m putting off all my maintenance work till then.

4/21/23 – Pirateland
We’re in Myrtle Beach for a week. We’re four spaces away from the beach. 

4/22/23 – Uber
Had to take an Uber to the airport to pick up a rental car. The driver was pretty sure I was doing something bad or wrong. They didn’t have the car I ordered but something close. This was fortunate, because I got one of the last cars they had.

Heavy rain today, so still didn’t get much done. Tomorrow, for sure.

4/23/23 – Eat’nout
That’s how you say it down here in Carolina. Two syllables. I’m having to limit Pat’s association with people. Her southern accent is getting so thick I can hardly understand her.

4/24/23 – Lost
I got lost twice on my bike ride because I was looking for landmarks that are in Panama City Beach.

4/25/23 – Moped Dehibernation 
I got the moped down off the rack today. It took a while because the lock was so corroded it wouldn’t unlock. Fortunately, I just had to loosen one shock absorber to get it off.

The tires need air. The cables all needed WD-40. They all seem to be working except for the clutch cable. Had to order a new one. Comes Saturday.

4/26/23 – Errands
Have to return the rental car tomorrow, so we did errands today. Walgreens, Lowes, Goodwill and WalMart. All in one afternoon. Impressive for lazy old me.