Tom Week – Moving without moving

No Posts

Big week at school last week. Programming took all my energy, hence no posts. The project is done and passed so I should have more time and energy this week.

Moving, without moving

The burden of possessions is overwhelming. We are getting ready to live in the Yellow Winnebago. That means we need to get rid of 99% of what we own. Two houses full of furniture and we don’t need a stick of it.

We have a junk drawer in the kitchen full of stuff we might need some day. If we were staying here. Almost none of it has any use in the RV. We have too many tools. We have too many towels. How can you have too many towels?

Not Riding

I am 8.9 miles short of 100 miles for the month. The control freak in me is screaming. Unfortunately, so is the ocean wind. Tomorrow is the last day of the month but I’m all booked up. Ah well. There is no LAW that says I have to ride 100 miles.


Two days into June, two rides. Much better.

How Guilty Am I?

I feel guilty because I am doing better than most of the other students in my on-line class. Sick and twisted.

Photo by lancefisher

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