Tom Week – Moving Soon

Moving into the RV

It’s going to happen. By the time you read this the RV will be parked at an RV park in Novato. We will either be living in it or just about to do so. Yee Ha!

Tonya’s Guardian

Abbie, has appointed herself as Tonya’s protector. Tonya occasionally makes random loud noises. She did this today and Abbie stood at attention by her side, pissed that neither Pat or I seemed to notice. She laid at Tonya’s feet waiting for the noise to repeat. Very cute. Then, being at least 12 years old, she fell asleep. Even cuter.

The irony of mass transit

I just got off the N-Judah LRV. I’m sitting on the 4:58 Limited Caltrain commuter rail headed for Gilroy. All this to pick up the RV. The contrast is stark. From two forms of communal transportation to a house on wheels.

Big city, small neighborhood

I went up the street to the convenience store to buy a powerball ticket. I haven’t been in there for weeks. The couple that runs it asked me if the house sale had closed yet. They knew everything. How much we were selling it for. What we bought it for. What the value would be if the new owner could tear it down. Creepy.

The Move

We gave away some stuff today, but not enough. Looks like it’s time to call the junk people.

Today, Monday, we are working on a new strategy. We are going to concentrate on moving into the RV and worry about the house after. Right now everything with the house seems an almost impossible struggle. Moving to the RV is doable.

Random Thoughts

A tautology is a statement that is true under all conditions. For example: Rex is hungry.

Soon I will be separated from the majority of my power tools. I guess it’s time to cut the cords.

I had a dream that I was stuck in a room with all my old girlfriends. It wasn’t very crowded.

I have this weird sudden interest in heavy metal music. I think my inner teenager needs a timeout.

Memories are for people who had things happen in the past.

We are true suburbanites. Today we loaned a neighbor our weed-whacker.

The writing police will not arrest you for breaking the rules. They will merely ignore you, which is of course much worse.

Author: Tom
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