Tom Week - Movie!

neon sign

8/18/22 – Movie Prep

Worked out details today with the wardrobe person for the movie. This is so much fun!

There is still no dog here. Eventually I’ll stop expecting to see him.

8/19/22 – Laundry Day

The laundry was pretty much all I accomplished today. I was awake most of the night worrying about unsolvable problems.

8/20/22 – Surprise Rain

The weather people and the weather app told us that there would be no rain today. There was. Lots. Thunder, lightning and rain. The weather people lied to us. What are the consequences? Nothing. They smile, say “Oops” and move on like they did nothing wrong. 

OMG! Donald Trump is a weatherman. That’s what DEAD SARA was trying to tell us.

8/21/22 – Store Day

Three different stores and we still didn’t get everything we were looking for. Typical.

To avoid traffic on 290 I took Plantation Street. Went past a lot of emotional monuments. A bit sad. A bit happy.

8/22/22 – Rainy Rainy Day

A day for cuddling up inside.

8/23/22 – Another Rainy Day

Death came by and Ann and Jenn’s friend is gone. Sad.

8/24/22 – Mattress Express

I have to be on location for 8PM tonight. Oh Boy!

Long Night. Fun night. On set for 8. First shot at 10. The nightmare of turning a working diner into a movie set. I didn’t get to do my lines till 5 AM, but had to sit for many scenes where I was in shot. Lots of stale french fries were eaten.

Sadly though, I did not get the Tweety Bird t-shirt. The director and producers liked my Wall Drug prairie dog howdy shirt better.