Tom Week - Movie Prep

park sign

9/21/23 – No Movie
Went to see a cult horror movie showing in Worcester tonight. Only two of us showed up. No movie.

9/22/23 – The Big Move
Today we moved from space 52 to space 51. We were meant to be in 51 the whole time, but recent rains washed most of it away. We had to move because there was someone coming into 52.

Thanks to advice I got off the internet I was able to rig a platform that allowed us to level on the slope. Though, it’s a good thing that earthquakes aren’t common around here.

9/23/23 – The Meeting
Had a meeting with the director today. Many fears were allayed. We’re on the same page character-wise. Good news.

9/24/23 – Too Many Rain
Second of three rainy days in a row. Getting sick of it. 

9/25/23 – See Yesterday’s Title
Still raining. It’s been a cold and sleepy day. Naps-Ahoy!

9/26/23 – The Holy Journey
Today I walked to Galilee. It was just to pick up a rental car, but it sounds important none-the-less.

The rain finally stopped today. Got the first sunset in a while.

Got the call sheet for Thursday’s shoot. Long day, oh boy! 

9/27/23 – Rehearsal
I’ve been reading the script over and over again. I’m getting there. Tomorrow is the day.