Tom Week - Mountain Life


The universe finally moved into the correct position and my latest attempt at fixing the air conditioner worked. We have air conditioning again. I finally got the right controller that works with our thermostat and air conditioner. Only problem was that the controller has a 9 pin connector and the air conditioner has a 6 pin. So I had to build a custom cable to connect the two. And, it worked!

Then I went for a bike ride. Again, no safe roads. Managed to do 4.5 miles, but didn’t enjoy it.

 7/7/23 – No Bars
No cell phone signal. No WIFI. No internet. Nothing. I forgot that such a thing was possible. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It Is West Virginia after all.

On the other hand; we are parked by a lovely river and have 85 channels of cable TV.

7/8/23 – GTD
Still in the electronic wasteland. As an alternative to my missing screen time, I got things done on the RV, went for a bike ride, and watched the nascar truck race on TV.

7/9/23 – Peace And Quiet
Walk up to heavy rain on the roof. I wanted to lay there and listen to it forever, but it also made me have to pee, so I had to get up.

Spent the day trying to live without the internet. I guess I’ll survive. Who knows what will happen when we leave this valley. The you have mail sound may never stop ringing.

After supper it looked like it wasn’t going to rain anymore, so I went for a bike ride. A couple miles in it rained, but not too bad.

7/10/23 – Back To The Parking Lot
We’re back in Morgantown for one night. It’s cool here. Mostly, we needed to catch up on our internetting. Tomorrow we head northish.

7/11/23 – No TV?
I don’t know why it surprises me. More and more RV parks are dumping cable TV because it keeps getting too expensive. It’s cheaper for them to dump the cable and improve their WIFI. Then people, like us, can stream videos.

7/12/23 – Late Rain
It was supposed to rain at noon, so instead of going for a bike ride I got a bunch of work done. Then the rain didn’t come, so I went for a bike ride.