Tom Week - Motelling

motel soap

1/12/23 – Boring
According to Business Insider, Hinesville GA, where we are, is one of the most boring towns in America. So far I don’t agree. We’ve only been here for a few hours but I’ve seen some pretty interesting people.

And there are vultures. Lots of vultures.

1/13/23 – Friday The 13th
Not mush luck today.

1/14/23 – Winter Again
It’s cold in Georgia. It’s not supposed to be cold in Georgia. Tomorrow we go to Florida.

1/15/23 – Back To Jax
We’re starting to get repeat hotels. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

1/16/23 – Haunted Room
Tonya keeps talking to someone. She’s only doing it when we’re in the hotel room. 

1/17/23 – Basement Room
We are in a weird split-level hotel and are basically in the basement. There are no ghosts for Tonya to talk to here.

Oh yeah, it hit 75 degrees today. Warmer tomorrow. Sigh.

1/18/23 – Western Stamps
Had to go to the post office to buy stamps. The clerk asked if I wanted flags, flowers or western wear. I said, a bit too loudly, “Western Wear!” I then got to mail a letter with a boot on it.