Tom Week - Motel Life


11/10/22 – Adventure Tomorrow
Comedy Tonight. Well, maybe not comedy. I just haven’t seen that movie in a while and needed a random quote. Tomorrow we swap rental cars, pack up and hit the road. 

11/11/22 – Two Rooms
We’re in New York at a Super 8. The first room we got had a bad smell and the TV didn’t work. Eventually we got moved to a bigger and better room.

It’s raining.

11/12/22 – Boring Day
Cheap motels out by the highway are pretty boring. There isn’t anywhere to walk to and nothing worth driving to. There is a motorcycle museum in town, but I didn’t feel like going alone.

My room keys keep stop working. Pat’s have worked fine. Mine works once or twice then flakes. There is something wrong with my aura. I may need to have it cleansed.

Tomorrow, South we go.

11/13/22 – Crap Shoot
Tonight we’re at a Red Roof Inn just south of Baltimore. We had good luck with last RRI. This one, not so much. The heaters, besides not putting out much heat, are mounted on the ceiling. Someone doesn’t understand thermodynamics. The air conditioner is full of gaps. Pat stuffed them with trash bags. That helped a lot. We’ll be doing the same with the door.

11/14/22 – Virginia Beach!
The room has an ocean view. It’s still cold out there but not as cold at night as it has been. 

11/15/22 – Restaurant Follies
We decided to have breakfast for lunch and went to our favorite such place, only to find it temporarily closed. Next we tried IHOP, but had to leave because it smelled SO BAD! We wound up at The Village Inn. The food was very good there.

11/16/22 – Nice Surprise
Traffic was pretty light today except for the last four miles on 95, where people had to slow down to look at a dump truck that slid off the road.

We’re in a Sleep Inn, which in most towns don’t get good reviews. This one is nice and the clerk gave us a room near the front because of Pat’s mobility issues. Nice.