Tom Week - More Weather

livestock sign

2/17/22 – Weather Tease

By the time we got to San Antonio it was pushing 80 degrees. Now the sun is going down and it’s 53. The low tonight is going to be 38. It feels like it’s our fault. Bringing the cold weather with us.

There are piles of horse trailers here. Turns out that we’re half a mile from the San Antonio Rodeo Grounds.

So were went to the WalMart a couple miles from here. It was in a neighborhood filled with many taco stands, yet there was no Mexican food aisle. Where are we supposed to get our Xochitl chips and Jarritos?

2/18/22 – The Cowboys

Many of the people who have come for the rodeo are wearing cowboy hats and clothes that have never seen a speck of dust. It got warm enough this afternoon to go for a bike ride. Then, just as I started off, the sun went behind the clouds. Short ride.

2/19/22 – New Braunfels Of Course

Always something new. This town was founded by a German Prince in an attempt to start his own country. Being a nobleman of no training or experience he failed miserably.

I think the GPS lady on my phone is messing with me. She hates that I like to take biways instead of highways. Today she took us down the waviest roads ever. What can you do?

2/20/22 – Getting Lost

I got lost on my bike ride today. Turns out I was where I expected to be, but the street names were all wrong. The problem is that Farm To Market Road 1044 crosses Morningside Drive in two places, several miles apart. 

2/21/22 – The Package Arrives

Walgreens screwed up Pat’s meds delivery once again. Instead of overnight they sent it two day, and since it’s a holiday weekend it got delayed even further. We picked it up today. Everything is good.

2/22/22 – Twosday

It’s summer today. 90 degrees. Nice bike ride along the creek. Cool breeze tonight. Tomorrow the arctic blast begins. Fortunately we’ll be out of here before it snows. Much warmer where we are going.

2/23/22 – Marginal Gains

It’s cold again. The arctic blast has reached central Texas. It is warmer here than where we were. It’s not much, but the difference between freezing and not freezing. I prefer not freezing.