Tom Week – More Flats

11/5/20 – Another Flat

This one happened just a half mile from the RV park, so I walked the rest of the way. I took the tube off and patched it with one of my new fancy self-glued patches. As soon as I put it on I knew it wouldn’t hold. It didn’t. Tomorrow I’ll try a real patch. (Or, I have spare tubes.)

11/6/20 – No Flats Today

I hate that my life revolves around whether or not my bike tires hold air. I need to find something better to base my happiness on.

11/7/20 – Prairie Dogging

Stuck my head out of my depression hole today. Got lots of work done. Feeling better about myself.

Then, Pat showed be the headline, Biden Declared New President. Happy happy joy joy. The future’s so bright, Biden’s wearing shades. There will be dogs in the white house.

11/8/20 – Big Spring?

We are in Big Spring Texas. The name seems to be inaccurate. We’re in the dust bowl basin region. Perhaps just another example of Texans looking at everything through a magnifying glass.

After we hooked we had a visitor. A dog came by and was pretty sure that Tonya was supposed to share her grilled cheese sandwich.

11/9/20 – Snuck Into New Mexico

We’ve been reading for days about New Mexico’s tough COVID lockdown. There is supposed to be a 14 day quarantine for out-of-staters, and everyone has to wear a mask whenever they leave their house or car. In reality, fewer people here are wearing masks than back in Texas.

Having laws and having enforcement are not always the same thing.

11/10/20 – Too Much Carlsbad

I’m not sure if it’s Carlsbad or not, but it’s a sleepy day. Despite that I got a lot of work done today. The little blob of a man I created can now walk across the screen.


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