Tom Week - Mopeding

man on moped

9/1/22 – Moped Month

I started going over the moped today. Learned a lot. It was built in 1977. It has an engine with parts available online, so that’s good. It has some non-original parts. I’ve ordered a bunch of parts including tires. The current tires hold air but have some cracking from sitting so long. 

I tested the pedal starter. It turned over the engine, so that’s good. Tomorrow I’ll clean out the fuel system. There’s remnants of old gas. Then an oil change, a new chain, some new gas and it will be ready to test.

Today Pat didn’t have to pee in a cup. Her physical went well.

9/2/22 – Fuel Lines

Went over the gas tank, fuel lines and carburetor. Everything is hunky dory. The transmission oil looks good, but is a little low. As soon as the chain arrives I’ll be able to hook everything up, mix some fuel and give it a try.

Jenn drove me to Walmart today. Thanks Jenn!

9/3/22 – Off Switch

As I progress through the workings of the moped, which needs a name, I keep finding things I don’t understand. Then I look it up in the web and figure it out. Except, for the wiring. The diagrams on line don’t match what I have. 

Turns out that someone in the past decided to “simplify” the wiring. They did this by eliminating the light controls, so the lights are on whenever the engine is running. They de-wired the high beams. They removed the horn. And. Most surprisingly, removed the kill switch. So the only way to shut it off is to close the gas off and let the engine run down. Not a good idea.

9/4/22 – Tired

I changed the moped’s tires and tubes today. I was thinking of leaving the old ones on, but I’m glad I changed them. Both had noticeable rot on the inside where they were hitting the ground. Moped tires are much tougher than bike tires to change.

I also tried putting on the new chain, but it’s too long.  That’s better than being too short. Unfortunately, my bike chain tools proved useless on the wider and heavier moped chain. Oh boy, I get to buy another tool!

9/5/22 – Rain

A good long soaking rain. Should be here tomorrow as well. The green beings will be pleased.

No moped work today. Can’t do much till the parts and tools arrive anyway.

9/6/22 – More Rain

Still raining. Colder. Had to get the space heater out. It’s a spy kind of day. (Have to stay undercover.)

9/7/22 – It’s Alive!

Put the chain on. First it was too long. Then too short. Then too long again. With the chain on, I mixed some fuel, filled the tank and gave it a go. It started first try! Unfortunately, it wouldn’t move. I’m not sure the clutch is engaging. The engine doesn’t seem to be revving enough. Now the fun begins.

I also found out what happens when you don’t close the fuel shutoff all the way. A puddle of gasoline would be the answer to that question.