Tom Week – Miles

17 Miles

Today I did 17 miles on the bike. The surprising thing is that I’m not hurting and my blood sugar is under control. The last time I did a long ride, 20 miles, I felt terrible. My blood sugar was in the 300’s. I drank four bottles of Gatorade and was still thirsty. And it took nearly three hours. Today I did 17 miles in under two hours.

More Miles

Thursday I did 14.5 miles and Friday 12.5. My total for the month is 157 miles, which is my second best ever. My weight is down, my blood sugar is good, my asthma is under control. Happy health.

The novel

Some days the words flow, others not. Today however, I was able to solve a problem I’ve been having. I’ve been trying to set up a situation where two characters have a certain conversation. Everything I tried was forced and unrealistic. Almost by accident I added a third character, whose mere presence makes the conversation unnecessary. This led to a new idea which was much better than what I was trying to do. Yee ha!

The hills, the hills

Today I rode my bike to CVS to pick up some prescriptions. When I came out I looked up and decided to try climbing one of San Francisco’s bigger hills. Wasn’t a piece of cake but it was by far the easiest “big” hill I ever climbed. I’ve gotten so much stronger lately.

Cleaning House

Today I cleaned out one side of the bedroom. I’ve been dreading this for a long time. It went much easier than I thought and wound up with only one box of stuff that I absolutely can’t part with, for now.

One things leads to another

Working on the novel has taken a wonderful turn. The junkyard scene has helped me define the main character to a point I’d been afraid wasn’t possible. Dozens of plot points have sprouted. So much fun.

Random Thoughts

Why would anyone need two Wonder Bibles?

I only watch supercross for the 30 second boards.

The gravy is pulsating. What doth this portend?

Why are there no meat-flavored peeps? I mean, who wouldn’t love peep jerkey?

My only fear about leaving California is that they won’t have Mexican orange soda out there.

Author: Tom
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