Tom Week – Medical Tourism

6/25/20 – Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when you go somewhere for purely for medical reasons. You probably figured that out for yourself. Despite living here for so long, there isn’t much reason to come to San Francisco during a pandemic. All the comedy shows are online anyway. So we sit here by the gray ocean, watching the pelicans fly back and forth. Getting lots of work done.

6/27/20 – Rental Car No Return

I had to return the rental car today. It wasn’t easy. First, I failed to notice the reduced hours for Saturdays. Fortunately, the website explained the after-hours return process, leaving the keys in a night-drop box. So I got there and the night-drop box is taped shut with a sign saying they no longer offer late drop-off.

I tried calling but kept getting lost in voice mail hell or winding up on hold for long periods of time. We managed to find that the airport location was open so I drove over there. I followed the signs and found the Enterprise return, not even sure they would except it.

I pulled forward and left the keys in the car as the signs indicated. There was nobody there. There were a couple dozen vehicles in the return area, but nobody in the booth. So I got on my bike and headed back to the campground.

Only problem was my bike picked that moment to have it’s rear shift lever break. The lowest gear I could get was fifth. Not much of a problem on the flat, but I had a hill to climb. A climb of nearly 900 feet spread over just three miles. I had to walk the bike up the steepest last mile.

The good part was then a 900 foot descent over four miles. I averaged 32 MPH for that part of the ride. Much fun.

6/28/20 – Out Of The Fog

We are in Prunedale. It’s overcast, but not foggy, and much warmer. The last time we were here a praying mantis payed us a visit.

6/29/20 – Fixing Things

The wind was finally calm enough to climb on the roof and install the new capacitors in the air conditioner. Simple job. It seems to be working.

Then I got to work on my bike. I found that the shift lever has skipped several teeth on the indexer. I looked up how to fix that but everyone agrees that it’s a better idea to just replace it. Only costs $15, and the current one has over 4,000 miles on it.

I’m still taking on-line courses in Blender, the 3D animation software. The more I learn, the less I know. This is going to be a long road. I love it.

6/30/20 – Bike Ride

Took Mr. Ed for a ride today. He’s my folding bike. I usually only ride him when I pick up or drop off rental cars. He’s great for short trips in the city, and fits in the trunk of any car. He is however, not good at the hilly country roads of the California coast. Only did 6.3 miles and my legs are aching. Picking up parts for my road bike tomorrow.


Author: Tom
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