Tom Week – May Day and Beyond

5/1/20 – May Day

Managed to avoid all the May Day protests today.

My blood sugar is being weird. It’s consistently normal. That’s weird for me.

Tons of new people have moved into the park.

5/2/20 – The Quarter Quest

We need quarters for the laundry here at the campground. Problem 1, all I have is a $100 bill. The banks won’t give me change because I don’t have an account.

So I tried to find a no-fee ATM. There were allegedly several in the area. Unfortunately, the ones in the grocery stores are all gone cause the company wasn’t cleaning them. The rest in were in little restaurants that are closed.

So I went to a bank ATM and payed the $3.50 fee. Then I went to two different laundromats looking for a change machine. No luck. Both had a person making change and wouldn’t give me quarters because I wasn’t a customer.

So much for southern hospitality.

5/3/20 – No Water

Oh, the humanity! The grocery store had no water this afternoon. They say they won’t have any till tomorrow.

5/4/20 – Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you. Just watched episode 9 on Disney+. It’s funny how the things most people complain about are the things I like best.

5/5/20 – Cinco de Mayo

And Taco Tuesday. Mississippi is opening up and the deaths are climbing. Wee!

5/6/20 – The next last night

Once upon a time this was going to be our last night in this campground. Due to everything, we’ll be here at least another week and a half. There are worse places to be stuck.


Author: Tom
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