Tom Week - May Being

bike path

5/4/23 – Star Wars Day!
Haven’t watched anything Star Wars yet today. I may give in soon. Eventually I’m going to have to resubscribe to Disney+ so I can watch the latest season of the Mandalorian.

Rode my bike almost completely around Jekyll Island today. Wonderful bike paths through the jungle going south and along the beach going north.

5/5/23 – Cinco de Mayo
Today is the day we all have to synchronize our mayonnaise. 

Leaving Jekyll Island today, one of the ghosts was yelling at Pat, wanting her to do something, but wouldn’t say what. 

It’s Friday. We’re at a nice campground, only it’s almost empty. Something is wrong.

5/6/23 – Less Creepy
There are many more fellow campers tonight. Much less creepy. 

Tonya and I went swimming this afternoon. Someone or something unseen kept pushing a beach ball to me. Tonya kept floating into the rope separating the deep end. She was laughing so I left her there.

5/7/23 – Macon County Line
We went through Macon County today. No sign of Max or Leif though. Sorry, can’t resist obscure move references. 

This park has many geese and other birds. Unlike the last park, this one is almost full. We are right next to the small lake, but oddly the pointed the sites away from the lake, rather than towards it. So we have a great view, if we go outside and walk around the RV.

5/8/23 – There Be Hills Here
Tiring bike ride today. 10 miles and 450 feet of climbing. Forsyth is a cute little town though. 

5/9/23 – Atlanta Sucks
Maybe not Atlanta itself, but its traffic to be sure.

Woke up with geese on the roof of the RV. That’s never happened before.

We’re in the far west of North Carolina. Tennessee is north and west of us.

5/10/23 – Cherokee County
I looked up the local towns on Wikipedia. Their histories all started with a single sentence saying that the Cherokees had been here for centuries, maybe millennia. Then all the rest of the history is about when the white people showed up and killed the Cherokee.