Tom Week – Marching Into March


It’s March already!

We moved spaces to try to get away from the smoke. That helped a little. The downpour helped a lot more. Though at one point the guy was out there under an umbrella trying to keep the fire going. He either has some deep nostalgic connection with campfires or he’s clinically insane.


Rainy lazy day. Stuff to do, no energy to do it.

Abigail got to meet another cocker spaniel. She was very excited at first. Then she just wandered away.

After staying at so many parks with mostly permanent residents it’s odd to be in an overnight campground. It fills up every evening and empties every morning.


We changed plans at the last minute this morning. Pat happened to look at the weather forecast for where we were going and it’s going to be below freezing on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So we headed south in search of better weather.

Tonight there is a tornado watch for the Florida panhandle. Yes, that’s where we were going to go. Lucked out on this one. Tomorrow we’re going to Tampa where the low temps will be in the 40’s. Much better.

The stop at WalMart today was one of the best ever. There was a guy in the next checkout lane buying a 25 pound bag of sugar and a 10 pound bag of brewer’s yeast. He freaked out when I said, “Making moonshine?” Seriously, what else would he be making.


We’re in Tampa. Well, not really Tampa, but it’s close enough.


Abigail let us sleep late this morning. Didn’t get up till 11AM. Nice.


Same park, different spot. We decided to stay put for another day. We were in space 215 down with the short-timers. They were going to move us to 184, among the one-nighters, but the people who were supposed to leave by 11AM were still there at 1:30PM. So they put us 102 with the weeklies.

There are many dogs at this end of the park. I took Abigail out to meet another cocker spaniel, but she wasn’t impressed.

Between spots we went shopping and wound up at the smallest WalMart ever. What kind of suburban hell have we gotten ourselves into?


We’re now in Dover, FL. Six miles from where we were yesterday. We got lucky. One last cold night and then the weekend. I was looking to the south but everything was full or $100 a night. I finally found a park that had one space left. I jumped at it.

The park has some bad reviews so i was a little nervous. Turns out those reviewers were either delusional or assholes. It’s a very nice park with very nice people.


rundown building
Not all campgrounds have scenic views
Go away. You can’t see me.
dead locust
The big yellow truck is not always insect-friendly
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