Tom Week – Maine and Stuff

8/23/19 – More Maine

The trip today was a perfect example of you can’t get there from here. As the crow flies we traveled 35 miles to the southwest. By the road it was nearly 70. First we drove north to Lewiston Maine. Then south to North Windam. The North to Naples. Finally west to the campground.

8/24/19 – The Big Yellow Truck

Apparently as you go inland in Maine you move away from the tourists and towards the hard-core RVer. Half the people in the park have stopped by to stare at and ask questions about the Big Yellow Truck.

8/25/19 – Newfields

We are in a lovely park in Newfields New Hampshire. Our spot looks out over a river. We picked this park because it is the closest to a couple of my college friends. I had low expectations. There were no reviews online. When we got here there were no signs on the highway. But after a long bumpy dirt road through thick forest we emerged out to a very nice-looking park, guarded by an adorable Saint Bernard.

8/26/19 – Epic Epping

Rode my bike today along the Rockingham Recreational Trail. Not paved but smooth, packed dirt. A few rocks and some mud, but not bad. The trail took me all the way from Newfields to Star Speedway in Epping. Biking to race tracks is becoming a theme.

8/27/19 – Old Friends

Got to see my best buds from college tonight. It’s been too long. Man, are we a bunch of geeks.

8/28/19 – Back to the beginning

Our last night before returning to Worcester we are in the same park as the first night after leaving Worcester. In the same spot in the park. The northern circle is complete.

8/29/19 – Back in Whistah

Once again parked in the alley next to my sister’s place. Ah, the life of a world traveler.

8/30/19 – Early Dog

Abigail’s bowels decided it should be an early morning. Five A.M. walking the dog. Fortunately I was able to get back to sleep.


wiener mobile
This is not the Wiener Mobile I saw in California. And they didn’t have any stickers!
Not all bike paths are without their dark side.
Someone forgot their race car.
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