Tom Week – Machines

Machines Suck

Yesterday and today the machines have been conspiring against me. Pat’s scooter and Pat’s computer both flaked and I’ve spent hours trying to get them to function. Finally traced the scooter problem to a terminally dead battery. Bought three new batteries so we now have a complete new set.

As for the laptop, Pat’s getting a new Chromebook. Windows 10 just sucks.

Pat’s meds may be on the way to the correct address. Hope. Dream. Believe.

Tough school today. Once again I spent hours looking for a typo that wasn’t there. The video for the class is so old that they don’t do it that way anymore. Frustrating.

Pat’s meds came today. All is well.

This morning I ripped Pat’s scooter completely apart. I replaced all the batteries and most of the wiring. Then I pulled the front wheel apart and found that the brake was sticking. Fixed that, put it all back together and now it runs great. This time I hope that’s permanent.

Piles of humidity in Muskogee. Starting tomorrow in Oklahoma you can buy real beer at WalMart.

Passed through Arkansas without much ado.

Branson is way tacky. I love it.

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