Tom Week – Lubbock to Del Rio

10/22/20 – Lubbock by the Highway

Lubbock is the birthplace of Buddy Holly. This closes the circle because I once drove past the death place of Buddy Holly. It’s very windy here. I’m guessing that I’ll be saying that a lot while we’re in Texas.

I went for a bike ride today. I got a flat. This time it wasn’t the tire’s fault. The tube actually split at the seem all by itself. I was able to patch it well enough to get it home. So now, in addition to never buying Kenda tubes, I will never buy Specialized tubes.

10/23/20 – The Road To Abilene

We’re back in civilization. The malls in Abilene have every store there is. I’m not sure I like it. What I do like is the bike shop here that sold me some HEAVY DUTY bike tubes. If these don’t stop the flats, nothing will.

10/24/20 – Abilene Days

Slightly warmer today. Put the new tubes on and went for a test ride. This might work.

10/25/20 – Steps to Odessa

We are in a park in Odessa Texas, the heart of oil country. There is an oil well in the park. Most of the residents here are oil field workers. We may be stuck here for a few days. It was 90 today. Tomorrow it will be 40 with freezing rain. Tuesday it’s going to snow.

So, a couple days ago I said I’d never but Specialized tubes. The trick is not the brand, but the type. The heavy duty tubes are working fine.

10/26/20 – South to Fort Stockton

We came south to minimize the bad weather. It’s ten degrees warmer here with much less wind. Tomorrow the high will be 32 with snow expected. Back in Odessa the wind chill is 15 degrees. Marginal gains, but gains none the less.

10/27/20 – Sitting In The Cold

Snow on the ground this morning. If it wasn’t for Abigail I’d have stayed in bed all day. Tomorrow it will be in the sixties.

10/28/20 – A hundred miles from anywhere

Del Rio Texas is a little town just east of Acuna Mexico. The last town back the way we came is 115 miles. That’s a lot.

It’s much warmer today. It’s so nice not to be sitting and shivering all day.


Author: Tom
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