Tom Week – Lordsburg to Tucson

11/19/20 – Welcome to Lordsburg

We’ve been here before. Twenty miles from Arizona but deep in the heart of New Mexiconess. I spent nearly an hour today waiting in line to get into a WalMart. The lockdown is getting further locked down.

11/20/20 – The Sadness of the Lordsburg

Went for a bike ride today from one end of the town to the other. It is the most out of business town I have ever seen. Motels, gas stations, tire shops and even the downtown stores, all closed. Though the gun shop is still open.

No flats.

11/21/20 – Flatland Or Not

Went for another bike ride. Today I went down Old Route 70 till it dead-ended in the middle of nowhere. This added five miles to my distance and a four foot elevation change. It’s flat here. Fortunately though, not my tires.

11/22/20 – Willcox Arizona

Because Will is a naughty boy. I know, I’m a child.

I feel like we just barely escaped the jaws of lockdown. Starting today, New Mexico is cracking down on RV Parks. Made it out just in time.

We are parked next to the same people as we were last night. Apparently the had to escape New Mexico as well.

Tanya Tucker was born here. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Tonight I had my first can of Kilt Lifter Beer. Strong, but way too sweet for my taste. I would say that this the malt liquor for people who don’t like malt liquor. In the future I’ll stick to the industrial malt liquors like Mickey’s or Old English.

11/23/20 – The Old Cemetery

I rode my bike today out to the Old Willcox City Cemetery. I assumed since it was one of the city’s most touted attractions that there would be a nice smooth road. I was wrong again. None of it was paved and the last half mile was sand so soft that even The Nazz had trouble plowing through.

The highlight of the cemetery was the grave of Warren Earp, Wyatt Earp’s brother. Yes, I am that much the tourist.

11/24/20 – Tucson For The Holiday

We’ve stayed in this park several times. It’s the closest one to where Mom and Dad used to winter. I picked it this time because it’s right on the new bike trail that loops the city.

We finally have a date for Tonya’s Dr. Appointment. Now we have a month and a half to get to San Francisco.

11/25/20 – I Like Tucson

Went for a bike ride today. Tucson has awesome bike paths. Did 16 miles.

I finally figured out how to make armature bones work in Blender. My little Clayman character can now walk and wave. Who knows what he’ll do tomorrow.

Ken, get well soon.


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