Tom Week - Looking Forward

Moon over the quarry

6/20/24 – Back in 34
Not only are we in the same park, we are in the same space in the same park. Just over a month till we can start going new places again.

6/21/24 – The Quarry Is Full
We’ve stayed here several times but it’s never been this full. Summer, huh.

On my bike ride today I was a nice smooth path with a tail wind. Much fun, and the fastest five miles I’ve ever done. Then I had to turn around and ride five miles into the wind. Not nearly as fun.

Our neighbors a couple rows over have two flags I’ve never seen. I will investigate.

6/22/24 – Movie Moments
Today I got a video of some of my scenes from Cursed Hearse. Fun! It’s like it’s an actual movie.

6/23/24 – Darth Cyber Truck
Today I saw a cyber truck that had been wrapped in matte black vinyl. Black is definitely the right color for this automotive abomination. It’s evil, but a very petty kind of evil, that just can’t live up to its promises.

6/24/24 – Unexpected Noise
There is a peacock next door. It does not like it when dogs walk by. One does not usually expect the cry of a peacock.

 6/25/24 – The Hills! The Hills!
Sometimes I hate Google maps. Their topographical view does a lot of averaging, so sometimes, like today, it misses a really steep downhill, followed by a really steep uphill. Must remember to zoom in all the way.

Along with the peacock next door there is a rooster, but it did not crow when the sun came up. I hope he’s doing OK.

6/26/24 – Another Leak
Yes, more fun with plumbing. Water dripping out of the wrong side of the RV. Fortunately, we quickly found the connection that had vibrated loose. Easy fix. Whew.

There’s been a huge uptick in good casting notices. Many shooting this fall. There’s hope.