Tom Week - Longhorn Country

longhorn steer

4/28/22 – Across The Basin

The Permian Basin is where the oil is in Texas. The RV parks are full of oil field workers. Many of the reviews for the RV parks complain about these people. I have no idea why.

It’s gotten hot here in Texas so we are changing direction and heading north for a while. It’s cooler up there.

4/29/22 – My Phone Lies

Before my bike ride I checked the weather with my phone. It said it was 88 degrees. A few miles into the ride I passed a bank clock that said it was 97. Big difference, but maybe the bank was wrong. Nope. The feed store also said it was 97. 

4/30/22 – On The Edge Of OK

We are in Burkburnett Texas, on the Oklahoma border. It is cooler here, and less dusty. Long drive today.

5/1/22 – May Day

I found no May Poles on my travels today. I found cows, oil rigs and a sleepy Sunday downtown, but no May Poles. 

5/2/22 – No Fatty

Today we found ourselves driving through the Arbuckle Mountains. A range whose existence has eluded me for 60 years. 

It’s 7PM. The tornado warning storm is supposed to hit at 8. Was Oklahoma in Spring a good idea?

5/3/22 – No Tornadoes Today

We had one here last night in Seminole, but it was miles away.

5/4/22 – More Tornadoes?

Maybe. We have severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch. We are sitting on a  cliff overlooking the Arkansas River. There are some great-looking bike trails here but it looks like my cycling may be washed out. I’ll ride in the rain, but not when there’s lightning.