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Tom Week – Longer Bike Rides

longer bike rides

Longer Bike Rides

My current cycling goal is to do longer bike rides. Last week I did a 20 mile ride and it did not go well. The first big climb went well but I never recovered my energy after that. I wound up several very slow climbs. Ten miles takes about an hour. The twenty took two and a half.

I brought twice as much fluids as I thought I would need. It turned out to be just enough. The whole time I was very thirsty, but drinking made my stomach ache. If I had any sense I would have turned around after five miles. I didn’t.

So it turns out my blood sugar was very high. Need to check that in the future.

So on Sunday I got up the nerve to try a few extra miles. I did twelve miles in a little over an hour. Feeling better.

TJ Better

TJ is eating regular again. Much relief.


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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: September 26, 2017


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