Tom Week – Logical Thought

Watched football today. A great way to entirely shut down all logical thought.

Here in Orlando we have many explosions. As midnight approaches I don’t expect relief. Fireworks are illegal here but the police don’t enforce it on New Year’s eve in order to discourage people from shooting guns into the air.

Great bike ride today. I did 13.4 miles. I rode a little slower than usual and stopped to take several pictures. Including one of an alligator. It was a cute little thing, sunning it self on a rock.

Moving on tomorrow. Been sitting still too long.

It hit 662 followers today. Hopefully I can get a screenshot when I hit 666.

Up to 665. So close.

Missed it! 670 followers this morning.

Six more followers today. Now 676. That’s 28 new followers in two days. That’s great, but I’m now following so many people that I can’t read all these great writers posts every day.

Today on my bike ride I passed a cemetery where a cat laid looking at a tombstone. I stopped and took a picture. It wanted me to go away, so I did.

Phantom stress keeps jumping me at bedtime. No matter how happy I start to become there is always some problem waiting to mess me up. I will beat this. I will be happy.

Twenty mile bike ride today. Wonderful trail, probably used to be train tracks. Nice gentle hills. The best part was that along a large part of the trail were wooden fences covered with pictures.

I’m sick. It sucks.

I promise, I won’t mention this again, at least for a while, I hit 700 followers on Twitter.

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