Tom Week – Lizard Friend

4/10/20 – Our Lizard Friend

The lizard friend is back on the hose. There is a spiderweb there and he sits there and steals bugs from the poor spider’s web.

4/11/20 – Storm Prep

Tomorrow, Easter, we are supposed to get bad nasty storms with maybe hail and tornadoes. I’ve put away everything that can blow away and battened down all the hatches. If needed, the cement restroom building is 50 yards away. Such fun.

4/12/20 – The Storm

We totally lucked out today. We had some rain but no wind or hail or tornadoes. The people to the south were hit especially hard.

4/13/20 – The Cold Calm

We got some wind last night so we pulled in the slideout. Stopped about 11:30. I feel bad about all the people who died or had their homes trashed. With luck comes guilt.

It’s much colder today. Tonya got out to rock though. I went shopping and found everything we needed except AA batteries.

4/14/20 – Sticky Figures

I’m learning this animation program that is driven through a programming language. It is quite interesting, but the initial projects look only a bit better than fancy stick figures. Next week we’ll get to making the arms and legs move.

4/15/20 – Creativity Day

The ides of April. I’m having this rush of creativity. I’ve been writing and working on videos more than ever. Having a great time.


Author: Tom
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