Tom Week - Life In Wormtown


5/26/22 – Camping World

Drove down to The Camping World in Uxbridge. They mostly didn’t have what I was looking for, except the one big thing I need. It’s a tank on wheels for dumping my waste tanks into. Then I can take the tank to dump rather than moving the RV. Convenient.

5/27/22 – Hilly Land

Went for my first bike ride in a week. It was short, just 5.5 miles, but I climbed 300 feet. 

Going to see a friend at a bar tonight. Sometimes I’m too good at being the hermit nomad. I need to, as I’ve said before, pay more attention to friends and family.

5/28/22 – Rainy Day

The irony of rainy days is that you are stuck inside all day, which means you can write all day, but the rainy day strips away all ambition. Had a nice nap though.

5/29/22 – Happy Birthday Pat

I watched the Indy 500 today. It was a good race. The guy I thought would win finished second. The rest of the people I “wanted” to win, did badly.

I went for a bike ride and afterwards Strava beeped at me. For the segment climbing up “Ronnie’s Hill” I now have the 6th fastest time ever for men and 10th overall. I was shocked. For Strava segments I’m usually in the 400’s or more.

5/30/22 – Sick But Negative

My sore throat started last night. It was much worse this morning. I took a home Covid test and it showed negative. Turns out that after the rains there has been a terrible pollen bloom. Feel better now.

5/31/22 – A Bit Better

I went out and got some shopping done without completely wearing myself out. Tomorrow I will be well.

6/1/22 – Laundry Land

Weird day at Sudz. There were two other men there. Neither one had a chin. This was pointed out to me by a woman that I was showing how to use the money cards. She just moved here from Florida and spent most of the time on the phone explaining to her mother that she wasn’t coming back to Florida for a funeral for a woman that she hardly knew.

The there was the 40-something woman with purple hair. She explained to the woman who worked there that she lost a bet with her daughter. She also noted that she found the hair coloring that lasted the shortest time. She expects to be normal again in a week.