Tom Week – Life in Flor-odd-a

It should be called Flor-odd-a


Finally have all my meds. The nice woman at Walgreens had to call the CVS in Oklahoma five times before they faxed her what she needed to fill my prescription.

We left the wonderful lake behind. There’s nothing wrong with the new campground, but there’s no lake to look at. It’s also not very level. The jacks are unhappy. I may have to get out the lego blocks to lift the tires.


I did thirteen miles on the bike today along the only road that Google Maps said had bike lanes. Along the way I saw several side roads that had nice wide bike lanes. Apparently I need a better source for bike route planning.


Lazy day. Saving up my energy to half-watch the Super Bowl. (Or maybe the puppy bowl.)

We got creepy new neighbors. Their rig does not look new, but it’s in good shape. It has a paper license plate from Ohio that expires in two weeks. The RV doesn’t appear to have ever been in snow. The weirdest part is that they needed two of the camp people to help them hook up. Like it was their first time.

Also, I may have discovered the route of my blood sugar problem. Running an experiment tonight. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


We’re back in Starke FL, which is the closest park to our mailing address. What I had forgotten until we got here is that this is where we were when we had to Rex down. His spirit is haunting us.

My blood sugar was still high this morning but it’s trending lower today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


Picked up the rental car this morning. Another Toyota Camry. Then a ten mile bike ride. Found more bike lanes that don’t show up on Google Maps.

Later did laundry. Bad pain day for Pat. I don’t think I helped much.

Blood sugar better again, but still too high.


Rode my bike to make a Dr. appointment. Slowly conquering the details. More laundry to do.


We got the RV’s VIN notarized today. Tomorrow we take all our paperwork to the DMV and see what happens. Did 13 miles on the bike all on long flat empty roads. Bliss.


abigail the dog
Abigail is sure those French fries were meant for her.
I thought our RV was complicated.
white vehicles
We are camping in the land of white vehicles.
parking lot with race vehicles
Just another day at Cracker Barrel
Walgreens sign
Something odd is happening at this Walgreens
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