Tom Week – Learning, writing and bad movies

Learning and writing

I just completed a couple of high-end programming courses online. I enjoy programming but it doesn’t have the emotional component for me that writing has. So I’m not starting any new computer courses while I concentrate more on my writing.

Trip to the Vet

Follow-up with TJ’s heart and kidney problems. We’ll get the bloodwork report on Monday. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and he’s actually eating a little better.

Owning the to-do list

Same days are just better than others. Today I completed more tasks than in the past several days combined. Fixed the loose screw on the front door; Backed-up my computers; Soldered Tonya’s shaky thing. The inner critic I call Manly Man is quite pleased with me.


A movie just as bad as you think it would be. No better, no worse. The title explains it all. Some good one-liners and so many plot holes that they almost take on the role of a character. The vampire motorcycle effect are wondrous. To call them “special effects” would be a gross exaggeration.

The highlight of the movie, in the part of the priest who tries to exercise the vampire from the motorcycle, is Anthony Daniels. Yes, that Anthony Daniels. (If you don’t know who Anthony Daniels is you lose all your geek points.)

Random Thoughts

Today in Golden Gate Park I saw a man with a whip on his hip building a cross made of cardboard tubes.

It is no coincidence that whiskey rhymes with risky.

I’ve come to realize that I am a guilt-based life form.

The Kit Kat bars remain untreated.

My laptop needs more stickers. Somebody send me stickers. Weird ones.

After an evening of soul-scraping all I have produced is an Emo Phillips fan fiction haiku.

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