Tom Week – Learning new stuff


I am actually learning new stuff. So we have three months to complete the scholarship class. At the current rate I’ll be done in three weeks. While I’m not getting much “new” knowledge, I am impressed with the layout of the course. Rather than just give us endless stuff to remember, they are teaching us how to look stuff up on our own.

Update: After a few more days the pace is accelerating. I’m learning not so much about development but about the tools used in development. Very helpful.

Angry Restlessness

It’s hard to explain. I think this is being triggered by how well I’m doing at my class. I’m starting to get angry at the people who don’t hire me. This gives me a sense of restlessness, like I should be doing something about it. Like taking all these classes isn’t doing something?

The side-effect of all this is that I’ve started work on a new story, maybe a novel. Unfortunately the guilt-tripper in me sees this as a distraction from my job hunting. Meanwhile, the writer dude in me is crying for more attention. For the first time in my life, writer’s conferences look interesting. I’ve gone from having no ambition to having too many.

No Energy Day (Sunday)

I took a day from most everything. I did watch the Patriots’ game. The used up what little energy I started with. I didn’t even weigh myself or test my blood sugar. Sounds like depression but I seem to be in a pretty good mood. Maybe I’m kidding myself. Lots planned for tomorrow. We’ll see.

THE ZERO THEOREM (mini movie review)

Imagine half MAX HEADROOM, half PI, all Terry Gilliam. Our hero is an “entity” cruncher who begs to work from home so he can be there to wait for his “phone call.” Of course his home happens to be a derelict church, and his personality is so fractured that he refers to himself as we. The characters, and the actors who play them, are all wonderful. Not for everyone. Only the weird need apply. Just don’t underestimate the clones.

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