Tom Week - Lazy Work


11/2/23 – RV Work
It goes slowly. The cold is hindering the process, but so is the acquisition of parts. Autozone did not have my exhaust parts. They offered to order them, but it takes over a week. They didn’t have my nuts and bolts either, but they did have a sample board which told me the exact details of what I needed.

I found the nuts and bolts at Home Depot. The brackets arrive tomorrow, then I’ll have a working rear sway bar again.

11/3/23 – Fish Sandwich
You’d think that a place like Virginia Beach would have tons of restaurants that served fish sandwiches. Many have none. Many more have weird variations. What’s the deal VB?

11/4/23 – Sway Bar
The sway bar brackets have two bolts each, so four total. The way these projects usually work is that all goes well until the last bolt. However, today it was the first bolt that gave me all the trouble. The other three came out and went back in without a hitch.

11/5/23 – Lazy Day
Just couldn’t get moving today. One of those days that your bored, but can’t find anything you want to do. Stuck in limbo waiting for things to happen. 

11/6/23 – Less Lazy Day
But not by much. This is our last day in VB. Took the rental car back. Put some stuff away. Got some computer work done. Got some writing done. Huh, maybe it wasn’t such a lazy day after all.

11/7/23 – Visitors
New RV park today with a wonderful view of a small cemetery.

11/8/23 – Bike Ride
It was short and not really hilly, but my legs were worn out. Must get back in shape. Weather getting better will help.