Tom Week - Last Surgery

alien on a moped

9/22/22 – Last Surgery

Early morning start, but it was over early too, so that’s good. Now the patch is on the other eye. 

It’s dark and rainy so napping is the order of the day.

9/23/22 – Propane Day

New England has decided to skip fall and dive straight into winter. We ran out of propane last night. Without propane the heater is pretty much useless. We found a propane place just eight miles up route 20.

The hard part was that there was still a broken old air conditioner on the roof of the RV. I couldn’t just push it off the roof. It would have made a major dent in the yard and/or driveway. So I had to take it apart and drop it down bit by bit. Fun with gravity.

9/24/22 – Test Drive

I took Eeyore the Moped out for its first on the road test drive. It did well. I got it up to 18 on the flat, but it wasn’t happy above 16. It took the steep hills well, only slowing down to about 10, without straining the engine.

Everything went well except for a small oil leak, though after a bit of research, I may have over-filled the transmission oil. I cleaned everything off and will check after the next ride.

9/25/22 – Super Fall

Cold, windy, yucky. Spent most of the day inside writing and working on an animation.

9/26/22 – Dead Moped

The moped ceased to function today. I took it for a short ride and it ran fine, though I did have trouble starting it. Now it won’t start at all. After doing some research I found out how to test the spark, which is almost non-existent. New coil is in the mail.

9/27/22 – Lazy Day

It’s just one of those days that convey no energy. I did manage to get a haircut, but that didn’t take much effort on my part.

9/28/22 – It’s Alive (again)

The new moped coil came today. It did the trick. There’s plenty of spark now.

The moped was later abducted by aliens, but they brought it back when they were done.