Tom Week - Last Shoot

Cursed Hearse Shoot

12/14/23 – Travel Day
Lyft from the Charleston SC KOA to the airport. Three hour wait. Flight to Atlanta. Hour wait. Flight to Providence. It’s now midnight. Two mile walk to the rental car place. Two mile drive to hotel. 1AM. Puking my guts out. 1:30AM. Traveling when you’re sick sucks.

12/15/23 – The Last Shoot
This is going to be a very silly movie. I got almost no sleep last night. I’m still sick, but decongestants, headache relievers, Gatorade and cough drops got me through it. 

Then I got back to the hotel and slept for four hours. I was hoping to go out tonight to celebrate the end of the movie, but I’m too sick. 

12/16/23 – Travel Back Day
Rough night last night. I got a fair amount of sleep in total, but woke up every two hours or so. Once I had the shivers. Another time I had the sweats. Mostly I had to pee and cough. This morning I'm coughing stuff up. Probably a good sign.

At the airport, feeling a bit better. At least I was till I found out the is no coke here. Only Pepsi. The horror.

12/17/23 – Rainy Day
Slept late. Did almost nothing. Took a long nap. Pat made me scrambled eggs and toast. No coughing fits today. I WILL get better soon.

12/18/23 – Sick Day
Unlike other days I didn’t start feeling better as the day went on. Then this evening, I found that I had taken a wrong pill this morning. I took the right one a while ago and now I feel better.

12/19/23 – Still Sick Day
If I’m not much better tomorrow I’m going to engage one of those doctor people.

12/20/23 – Just Better Enough
No overwhelming feeling of wellness, but a few indicators moving in the right direction. Best blood sugar reading since I go sick. The new numbing cough drops work great. Had a good nap today that wasn’t interrupted by coughs. There’s hope.