Tom Week – The Last Jedi


Loved it. Great visuals, great scenes and plot holes you could fly a dreadnought through. One of my favorite themes was how “the good guys” aren’t always right. No spoilers, but I was very sad that Chewbacca didn’t get to finish his barbecue.


This movie proves you can be very different without needing to be weird for weird’s sake. A talent I am far from mastering. The story of a young, rural street tough, girl forced to grow up without her parents and under the thumb of repressive government agents she’s developed formidable survival skills. That all sounds pretty cliche, but this movie breaks expectations.

Good Day

I got piles of work done today. I cleaned out the cottage closet and got all the trash and donations out. I’m now thinking that I can get both houses done by the end of the month.

Also, for the second day my blood sugar dropped below 100. My diet changes are working.

Getting Older Wrong

I don’t think I’m going to be a very good cranky old guy. My opinions about the younger generations just don’t fit the mold. I’m finding that the current batch of teenagers are on average way smarter, active, engaged and well-mannered then any previous generation. Including my own.

Getting Healthy

Whether I like it or not. I’m now drinking less than one soda a day. My weight is down. My blood sugar is down. I feel great. I’m sleeping well. This sucks.

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