Tom Week - Kissimmee

go karts

1/26/23 – Good Diner/Bad Customers
We’re pretty random about where we eat. Today I found a breakfast lunch place that had 4.6 stars on Google maps. They had seating outside for people with dogs. How can you go wrong?

It was very crowded and there was a sign warning that they were short-staffed. The staff was all very nice and efficient. The food was WONDERFUL! Despite this though, several customers around us were total assholes and very rude to the waitresses. I never understood people who are rude to the people handling their food.

1/27/23 – Bird Park
Today we went to the park and Tonya and I took a walk. There were many weird birds. I took pictures of some. Tonya then tried out some of the exercise equipment and I watched her.

We passed two people handing out religious pamphlets. They asked if I’d been saved. I told them to ask Tonya. At this Tonya laughed out loud. Seeing a deaf blind woman laugh on cue totally freaked them out.

1/28/23 – Tacky Land
We’re in Kissimmee, four miles from Disney. Every tourist attraction you could imagine is within spitting distance. We came here for another reason though. Temps in the 80’s all week. Yee Ha!

1/29/23 – Busy Busy Busy
Went to lunch at the Metro Cafe, one of our favorite chains down south, but there were way too many people. The food is good, but not wait an hour for a seat good. So we went to Johnny Rockets where a smiley ketchup face came with my fries.

1/30/23 – Haircut Day
We all got haircuts today. Then we came back to the motel room and I took an extra long nap. 

1/31/23 – Kart Day
This afternoon we went to the Orlando Kart Center. This was my first outdoor rental kart place. The track was very different from the indoor tracks. The very long straights made the corners much more important. I spun out three times before I got the hang of it.

I wound up getting the 14th fastest time out of 92 drivers for the day.

2/1/23 – Movie Day
We all went to see A MAN NAMED OTTO. Very good movie. Ford vs Chevy extreme.